Calling all ACRA members!

Committed to its mission of ‘zero road accidents’, CarVi is partnering with American Car Rental Association (ACRA) to offer its hi-tech driver assist technology to ACRA members at no upfront cost.

This upgraded technology has helped reduce accidents by over 53% in just December 2018. In case an accident does happen, our solution can help with faster investigations and faster claims management.

In addition, the data collected by the device offers rental car companies with data for creating qualitative reports and analysis. This wealth of data presents a big opportunity to create a new mobility platform for sharing and reporting information like pothole detection, weather, road conditions, traffic, etc.

With a simple installation, these devices would be a big plus to the rental car companies and their customers. CarVi invites the ACRA members to join in this mission to make our roads safer.

If you an ACRA member, please reach out to Ezana Tesfu at the following coordinates –