These are exciting times for all of us in the autonomous cars industry as we gear up to see this remarkable dream becoming a reality. At CarVi, we are even more excited to host the 11th edition of our autonomous cars event and hob nob with professionals from this ever-evolving industry.

What to expect

We will see you at 1112 Bryant Street, San Francisco at 6.30pm, that’s when the networking starts. That’s your time to chat with the brains from the autonomous-cars world and of course, our speakers will also be around. A quick welcome will be followed by interesting talks by our two speakers. And while you are at it there will be finger food and drinks.

Get to know our speakers

Kris Harikrishnan, Director of Autonomous Vehicle Strategy at AAA NCNU

“It excites me to see the things I am working on plays a role in solving problems for society at large”, says Kris who has recently completed the Udacity Self Driving Car nanodegree.

Kris is all set to be an early adopter of self-driving cars, but right now prefers a human-driven car. Recognizing the potential safety and convenience benefits of automated driving, AAA is working with consumers, industry and regulators to help bring these technologies to market, ensuring safety remains a top priority.

Towards the future of safer roads, Kris will talk about AAA’s approach to promote AV safety, build consumer awareness about AVs, and guide AV policy.

Baharak (Becky) Soltanian, Tech lead, AI for Computer Vision, Byton

Becky as she likes to be called, is our first woman speaker (yayyyy!). She received her BS from Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran and her MS and PhD from Tampere University of Technology, Tampere, Finland in Signal processing and Telecommunication engineering, respectively.

She has been in this industry for over 5 years and has been leading efforts in detection/estimation algorithms for ADAS sensors (GPS, LiDar, and Ultrasonic) for self-driving vehicles.

She worked for Velodyne Lidar and Daqri LLC companies and participated in design and implementation of a different generation of LiDar sensors including solid-state LiDar.

Becky is excited about the way autonomous-car industry is shaping up. We are looking forward to knowing all things autonomous at the event.

Connect with CarVi

At the event, you get to meet the young and enthusiastic team of CarVi. CarVi is moving closer to its mission of ‘zero-road accidents’ with its intelligent driver-assist technology. This solution gives audible warnings if a driver is driving dangerously. With its AI-powered data capture, it can be a handy tool for driver coaching.

We are looking forward to a great evening to talk and build synergies with the industry professionals. Mark your calendars for this event and if you still haven’t booked your tickets, click here to do it now.

If you are passionate about autonomous cars or technologies connected with it and would like to be a speaker at our future events, drop us a line at –